Since 1917, the Nichols Fire Department has been an entirely volunteer organization. We greatly depend on the residents of Nichols and other surrounding towns for dedicated members. Anyone can apply to be a firefighter with the Nichols Fire Department, whether you live in the district of Nichols, town of Trumbull, or elsewhere. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age to be considered for junior membership and 18 years of age and older to be considered for senior membership. We also consider enrolling associate members to have a specialized affiliation with the fire department which does not include active firefighting duties.

Application Process

There is an application process for all prospective members to complete and is comprised of the following; an interview with the commission and the Chief of our department, a thorough background investigation, and an extensive physical exam. The applicant will then be introduced to department members at a monthly business meeting as a junior, senior or associate member applicant. After the application process has been successfully completed, the member will be sworn in at a monthly business meeting.

New Members

New members are considered probationary until they successfully complete a State of Connecticut Firefighter 1 class. Soon after being sworn in, probationary members are put through an in-house probationary firefighter class. After completing “probie class”, the probationary firefighter will be allowed to participate in a support capacity with department activities, training and also go on calls. Once Firefighter 1 is completed, the member will shed their probationary status and be considered a senior firefighter!

Being Dedicated

Being a volunteer firefighter and a member of the Nichols Fire Department takes dedication and a great deal of time yet the personal satisfaction our members feel is greatly rewarding. Sworn to protect and serve the community, the Nichols firefighter is dedicated to the Department’s mission. The work of a firefighter extends far beyond responding to emergencies and calls for service. Our dedication involves education and training, apparatus, equipment and station maintenance, administrative paperwork and planning, all of which ever ends. Firefighter training and certification opportunities are almost endless.

Not Only a Personal Sacrifice

A volunteer firefighter’s loved ones learn to understand and accept the interrupted dinners and family celebrations and the middle of the night awakenings, only to worry about hazards their loved one may encounter. Obviously, no one becomes a volunteer firefighter for the money. This organization is based upon camaraderie, teamwork, trustworthiness, integrity, and dedication to the district of Nichols and town of Trumbull.

Contact Information

If you have interest in becoming a firefighter with this great organization please review the documents listed below for other membership details and contact our recruitment coordinator, Firefighter Charlie Gillespie Jr. at 203-326-0387.