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The CT Fire Academy in collaboration with the UCONN Fire Department and Residential Life has developed a Lithium-ion battery PSA. This PSA focuses on the pressing national concern surrounding Lithium-ion batteries. In 2021, New York City alone witnessed the alarming response to 104 fires ignited by these batteries, causing 79 injuries and tragically claiming the lives of four individuals.  Together, we can raise awareness and promote safer practices regarding Lithium-ion batteries. Stay informed, stay safe!


Notice from the Fire Marshal

Per the order of the Trumbull Fire Marshals’ Office, there is a burn ban in effect. This also goes for any standing burn permits that have been issued. Once the ban has been lifted, everyone will be notified by the Fire Marshals’ Office!

Remember, please stay home and stay safe!

We Need Your Help!

Do your part to stop the spread of the Caronavirus and help flatten the curve.

– Wash your Hands
– Disinfect Frequently
– Don’t Touch your Eyes, Nose & Mouth
– Practices Social Distancing
– Stay home if your sick