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Founded in 1917, the Nichols Fire Department is one of three 100% all volunteer departments in the town of Trumbull, Connecticut. Operating out of two stations, we provide primary fire and rescue services to the Nichols Fire District along with assistance to the Trumbull Center and Long Hill Fire Departments. We also provide coverage to the surrounding communities and beyond. Our apparatus includes 2 engines, 1 - 75 foot quint, 1 heavy rescue, 1 city service (lighting and air) truck, 3 chief's vehicles, and a utility truck. We are dedicated to serving the Town of Trumbull and will continue to do so for years to come.

Nichols Fire Department Image Of The Day

NFD spends weekend on the highways
Monday, May 18, 2015 
On Saturday May 16th the NFD was dispatched at 11:37 am to Rt. 8 southbound in the area of exit 10 for the motor vehicle accident (MVA) with injuries to assist EMS with scene safety. Rescue 300 and Engine 302 responded to the highway and set up the block to provide protection for emergency crews while they worked. During this incident a second MVA occurred at 11:47 am prior to the first accident. Units clearing the first accident started out with NFD car 2 who was the incident commander for both incidents and Engine 301 was now in route for the additional accident. Units once again assisted by providing scene safety and disconnecting electrical systems and securing fluids as needed. On Sunday it started again at 4:37 pm but this time on the Merritt Parkway prior to exit 48. Units again responded to provide scene safety and assist EMS with securing the vehicle and fluids. While on the scene of this accident a second MVA occurred in the area of exit 50 southbound with additional Nichols units providing scene safety and securing the vehicle with fluids and electrical disconnect. The NFD would like to remind everyone to slow down when in accident areas and be even more diligent in regards to paying more attention due to secondary accidents taking place because you are distracted.

Brush Fire potential is high! As Smokey Bear says "Only you can prevent wildfires!"
Thursday, May 14, 2015 
Connecticut traditionally experiences high forest fire danger in the Spring from mid-March through May. DEEP's Division of Forestry constantly monitors the danger of forest fire to help protect Connecticut's 1.8 million acres of forested land. Throughout the Spring forest fire season, DEEP sends daily advisories on forest fire danger levels to DEEP's state park forest field staff, municipalities, fire departments and the media. Forest fire danger levels are classified at low, moderate, high, very high or extreme. In an average year approximately 500 acres of Connecticut woodland are burned by forest fires. If you have received a permit from your local Open Burning Official to burn brush on your property, the permit is not valid if the Forest Fire Danger is rated high, very high or extreme and you are burning within 100 feet of a grassland or woodland. If you spot a forest fire, remain calm, go to the nearest telephone and dial 911 to report the fire as quickly as possible to your local fire department. Calmly tell the emergency dispatcher when you saw it and where you saw it. Stay on the telephone until the dispatcher tells you to hang up. TODAYS FOREST FIRE DANGER IS HIGH FOR MAY 14, 2015

More photos of new Apparatus in Prodcution
Thursday, May 14, 2015 
The construction the new Rescue continues to roll along, here are some new photos of the pump box and body taking shape. Everything seems to be coming together nicely by the photos!

Rescue Engine production continues to move along
Monday, April 20, 2015 
The stages of construction of a brand new apparatus for the Nichols Fire Department. Specifications: Spartan Gladiator LFD Chassis with 10" Raised Roof (Notch for Light Tower), -Cummins ISX15 550 HP Engine -Allison EVS 4000 Transmission -GK Custom Stainless Steel Rescue/Pumper Body -Hale QMAX 1500 GPM Single Stage Pump with "K" Gear Box -750 Water/100 Gallon Foam UPF Poly Tank -Feecon Around-The-Pump Foam System -ROM Roll-up Doors with LED Lighting -Whelen LED Warning Light Package -Will-Burt "NightScan" 4.5 Light Tower with Whelen Pioneer LED Light Heads -Whelen Pioneer LED Body Mounted Scene Lights -Harrison 15KW Hydraulic Generator -Akron Electric Rewind 200' Cord Reels

Automatic fire alarm turns into a fire in the kitchen at Unilever
Monday, April 13, 2015 
At 3:40pm Trumbull Dispatch dropped the tones for all town companies to respond to the reported automatic fire alarm on Merritt Boulevard at Unilever. Nichols Car 3 arrived on scene and reported nothing visible from the front, established command and was investigating. Moments later staff informed him of some type of fire in the cafeteria of the building. First arriving engine 301 went to the south end of the building to supply the sprinkler connection for the 40 south building while Quint 303 pulled up to the kitchen entrance on the Alpha/bravo corner and prepared to stretch a line. Initial members brought a dry chemical extinguisher and found a smoldering pail of kitchen towels located in the rear of the kitchen creating a moderate smoke condition. The pail was removed from the structure by FD personnel and extinguished using tank water from a pump discharge. Quint 303 and Tower 104 set up PPV ventilation to remove smoke from the building in conjunction with using the cooking exhaust ventilation fans. The Trumbull fire marshals office was contacted to investigate the cause. The assignment was reduced to the units working on scene, while Engine 301, Truck 304 and Engine 205 were returned to quarters. No civilian or firefighter injuries were reported.

Route 8 south after exit 8 MVA with injuries
Sunday, April 12, 2015 
At 01:05 this morning Nichols FD was toned out for an MVA with injuries. The first arriving unit (Rescue 300) reported the accident was just south of exit 8 and was down the embankment. Quint 303 arrived second on scene and assisted with the initial investigation. Crews reported that all occupants were out of the vehicle and had the third due apparatus ENG 301 set up a blocking lane and to assist in scene lighting. Firefighters disconnected the battery to the mini van but all of the damage you see in the attached pictures are from the impact of the trees going down the embankment. Crews were on scene for an extended time while the tow trucks removed the vehicle from the scene. Crews cleared he highway at 02:40 and were placed in service.

NFD Annual easter egg hunt and luncheon
Saturday, April 4, 2015 
At 11am today members of the NFD and their families celebrated the Easter holiday by getting together for the annual egg hunt and luncheon. Once again FF Charlie Gillespie and his family did a fabulous job of putting together an egg toss, egg hunt, bean bag toss, wheel spin and many other fun games for the children to play. Once the games were completed the children and their families were treated to salad and pizza for lunch. A special visit from the Easter bunny was also hit with the bunny arriving on Rescue 300. Once again a big thank you to the Gillespie family for chairing the event and also to the members who helped out with set up and break down!

Vehicle roll over Route 8 north prior to exit 11
Friday, April 3, 2015 
The Nichols Fire Department was dispatched to a rollover on Rt 8 North Bound at 1500hrs. Rescue 300 and Quint 303 responded with Trumbull EMS and CT State Police. A minivan was found on the shoulder of the northbound lanes on the driverís side. The driver was able to self-extricate and was transported by Trumbull EMS. The flatbed pictured was preparing to load a disabled vehicle at the time of the accident. The It was reported by witnesses that the van was launched into the air when it impacted the flatbed and traveled over the cab of the tow truck pictured. It landed and proceed to roll six times until it reached its final position.

Probationary members training continues
Wednesday, April 1, 2015 
Training, training, training !!! This evening at Nichols Station 1 the probationary members had their weekly drill. Topic for tonight was an overview of Salvage and Overhaul operations taught by FF / Instructor Matthew Perkowski. "Perko" started the drill off with an overview of terminology and the equipment to be used, and finished the drill off with hands on applications of what the members learned.

Members in FF II attend live burn in Fairfield
Sunday, March 29, 2015 
On Sunday members of the Nichols, Trumbull Center and Long Hill fire departments traveled to the Fairfield Fire Training center to perform live fire training for their Firefighter II certification class. Members participated in multiple live fire evolutions throughout the day honing their skills in a smoke/heat filled environment. Members will now continue through the rest of the class with other skills to be honed and the program should conclude by the end of April. We wish all participants good luck and look forward to their course completion.

Public assist call turns into structure fire response on Pinewood Trail
Wednesday, March 25, 2015 
At 9:18 am Trumbull Dispatch notified Nichols for the "Public Assist", with the caller saying they had a fire in their fireplace the previous evening and now, the next morning, the wall above the fireplace was "warm" and would like it checked out. Engine 301 responded with a crew of four, who anticipated something "more" from the get go. Upon arrival, crews found the wall above the fireplace reading above 300 degrees on the Thermal Imaging Camera and a softball-sized bubble of paint midway up the wall. Knowing this could turn into something more serious quickly, the crew upgraded the incident to Structure Fire Protocol before opening the wall. 301 pulled up the driveway and a hose line was pulled to the front door. Crews proceeded to open up the wall. They found insulation and structural wall members with burning embers and charring. Crews kept opening up until all the burning embers were removed and extinguished. Crews from the Trumbull Center FD assisted with the overhaul. The structure was completely checked and it was verified that there was no further extension. It turned out to be relativity minor, lucky for the homeowner.

Ice Rescue Training on Thrushwood Lake
Thursday, March 19, 2015 
This evenings training exercise was our annual Ice rescue training drill held at Thrushwood Lake. The training division had Trumbull Dispatch transmit tones for an Ice Rescue at Thrushwood lake with 3 people supposedly on the ice. First arriving companies found 2 people on the surface of the ice, one close to shore and one very far out. Companies split up and began multiple rescues and effectively removed both occupants back to shore in under 20 minutes. At the conclusion of the exercise members were allowed to once again go out on the ice and get more comfortable with the equipment. The membership would like to thank Jay Leos of the Trumbull PD for his assistance with this years training.

Annual members St. Patricks Day party starts the holiday!
Saturday, March 14, 2015 
The Nichols Fire Department held its annual celebration of St. Patrick's day from 12-3pm today at fire headquarters. A good turnout of members enjoyed all of the fixings including corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, Irish soda bread, mac and cheese and soft drinks. The afternoon lunch was followed by a magic show that was put on. All of the members enjoyed the afternoon who attended and the department would like to thank the chairman Joe Petrino and Mike Corica for all of their efforts. We would also like to thank the junior members who assisted the chairman with cooking, cleaning, set up and break down. Erin Go Bragh!

Car fire Rt 25 north after exit 9 near the turnaround
Thursday, March 12, 2015 
At 1:09am the NFD was dispatched to the report of a car fire on Rt. 25 northbound in the area of exit 9. While responding units were advised that the correct location was further north near the turn around on the highway. Rescue 300 responded with 5 members along with Nichols car 3 who was incident command. On arrival firefighters deployed a 1 3/4" car fire line to extinguish the fire which was well involved. A class D extinguisher was also used due to the magnesium flaring up from the transmission cowling. Firefighters also delt with a fuel leak from the SUV and used class B foam (foam pro pack) to extinguish and contain the flammable liquids fire.

Motor Vehicle Accident with rollover Rt. 25 north before exit 9
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 
At 8:22 am this morning the NFD was dispatched to the report of a Motor Vehicle Accident with rollover Rt. 25 north before exit 9. Firefighters arrived on scene and found an SUV on all fours that had rolled over with the driver still in it. Medical personnel on scene tended to the driver as firefighters secured possible hazards from the SUV. Crews applied speedy dry to the roadway due to a fluid spill. Fire apparatus created a lane closure on the highway to ensure a safe working zone. Nichols rescue 300 and engine 302 responded to this incident.

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