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Founded in 1917, the Nichols Fire Department is one of three 100% all volunteer departments in the town of Trumbull, Connecticut. Operating out of two stations, we provide primary fire and rescue services to the Nichols Fire District along with assistance to the Trumbull Center and Long Hill Fire Departments. We also provide coverage to the surrounding communities and beyond. Our apparatus includes 2 engines, 1 - 75 foot quint, 1 heavy rescue, 1 city service (lighting and air) truck, 3 chief's vehicles, and a utility truck. We are dedicated to serving the Town of Trumbull and will continue to do so for years to come.

Nichols Fire Department Image Of The Day

Trumbull Center and Nichols go to MVA with entrapment
Thursday, November 26, 2015 
At 0057hrs this morning, Trumbull Center and Nichols Fire were dispatched to area of 100 Beardsley Parkway for an MVA rollover with extrication, possible ejection. TC Rescue 100 arrived to find a single car on its side with one occupant needing assistance getting out of the vehicle. Nichols 300 & 302 arrived and assisted TC R100s crew with stabilization and patient removal. Patient was removed from the vehicle in the hands of TEMS. Nichols cleared while TC R100 remained on scene assisting PD with scene lighting. Long Hill Fire Car 21 and 208 also responded to scene to drop off the portable light towers so all FD units could clear. Units On Scene: TC R100 N R300 N E302 Nichols Car 3 Trumbull EMS AMR Trumbull PD

Brush fire on Huntington Turnpike damages storage shed
Monday, November 23, 2015 
At 11:52am this morning the Nichols FD was dispatched to the reported brush fire in the 1800 block of Huntington Turnpike. Engine 302 arrived on scene and reported a brush fire in the rear yard of a residence. A short time later Service 307 and Engine 301 arrived to assist. Members found the fire to be adjacent to a storage shed and another storage container with both suffering some radiant heat damage. Members used a booster line and brush rakes to knock down and overhaul the area. The Trumbull Fire Marshals office was notified due to the damage to the two storage sheds. The fire is believed to have been caused by ashes left outside from a fireplace or food smoker. The public is reminded to discard ashes into a metal container and if possible soak them with water prior to disposal. If not put a lid on the metal container and let them sit for 3 to 5 days before disposing of them in a safe manner.

MVA with extrication on Merritt Parkway North on the exit 52 off ramp
Sunday, November 22, 2015 
At 3:17am Sunday morning Trumbull Dispatch notified the Nichols and Trumbull Center FD's of the reported vehicle accident on the Merritt Parkway northbound on the exit 52 off ramp. Dispatch reported a vehicle over the guard rail and down the embankment with entrapment. First arriving units reported a single vehicle over the guard rail on its side down an embankment. FD personnel secured the vehicle using a winch and chains. Members then removed a portion of the roof in order to gain access to the patient who was eventually removed to the awaiting crew of Trumbull EMS. Responding units were Nichols Engine 201, Rescue 300 and Trumbull Center Rescue 100. Trumbull Times Article Firefighters from the Nichols and Trumbull Center Fire Departments helped rescue a trapped female driver after her car went off the Merritt Parkway southbound near exit 52 and tumbled down a 60-foot embankment at 3:17 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 22. According to Dave DeLibro, Public Information Officer Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company, the vehicle came to a stop against a tree with its roof down and wheels up. “Crews removed the roof and the passenger seat to access the victim,” DeLibro said. “The biggest challenge was getting all the necessary rescue equipment lowered down because the car was more than 100 feet off the road, and down this very steep terrain,” he added. “There was heavy brush down the embankment with lots of fallen trees that made things pretty difficult.” In addition to the local fire crews, state police, Trumbull EMS, and officers from the Trumbull Police Department helped perform the challenging extrication. DeLibro said that firefighters used reciprocating saws and O-cutters to cut through the roof of the vehicle. He added that a Stokes basket was used to transport the driver up the hill once she had been removed from the vehicle. “Every accident is unique,” he said. “No two are the same and the terrain in this particular accident added an extra layer of complexity. “There are spots all over Trumbull and all over this state where cars can end up in strange places, but this was definitely an added challenge to all the first responders,” he added. The rescue crews got a well-earned thanks from the supposed victim late Sunday night. “I wanna Thank all the responders!!!” wrote Carmen Sisi Cotto on the Facebook page for Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company, No. 1. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you guys!!! “It’s a miracle that I’m alive but God was Definitely with me!!!” she added. “Again, thank you so much, I’ll deal with the broken bones, as opposed to my family having to deal with a tragedy!!!” According to the company’s original post, the removal took about 45 minutes

Nichols goes to Shelton to cover Huntington Company 3
Wednesday, November 18, 2015 
Last night a crew from Nichols FD provided station coverage to Huntington Fire Company 3 in Shelton. NFD provided a Deputy Chief (car 2) and a crew of 4 were on Eng-301 for this call. Shelton was out on a gas leak in the Pine Rock section of the city but were unable to locate anything.

MVA with extrication on Merritt Parkway near exit 48 Southbound
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 
This morning Long Hill FD was alerted to a motor vehicle accident with extrication on Route 15 SB in the area of exit 47. Crews arrived to find a car vs. tree with a single occupant trapped. Crews went to work utilizing hydraulic tools and chains to complete the extrication in under 20 minutes. Long Hill was assisted by Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company, No. 1, Nichols Fire Department, Trumbull EMS with State and Local PD. At the same time other volunteer crews were handling a natural gas leak on Lindeman Drive and a Fire alarm in Long Hills district

Multiple vehicles on fire at the Avalon condos
Monday, November 9, 2015 
On Monday November 9th the Trumbull Center fire department along with the Nichols fire department were toned out for a reported car fire on Avalon Gates Rd. After reviving multiple 911 calls for the incident and additional information including that a second car was on fire and that they were within close proximity to the building an additional department (Long Hill FD) was added to the assignment. Nichols Engine 301 was the second due apparatus on scene and divided their crew to assist Rescue 100 with fire suppression and to provided a water supply line to R-100. Crews began to extinguish the car fires. The fire had burned through one of the cars fuel lines and became stubborn to extinguish. Firefighters used foam to deal with the fuel leak that was feeding the fire. A combined effort from the multiple departments worked well in getting the job done. Below are few pictures from the call.

New Rescue almost done!
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 
Here is a quick photo update on the new Rescue 300 !!!!! The NFD fire officers along with the fire commissioners joined the truck committee for a viewing and walk through of the progress on rescue 300 up at Gowans-Knight Co.,Inc. this past week.

Daylight savings time means change your clock and change your detector batteries
Sunday, November 1, 2015 
Remember you should have changed your clocks and changed your batteries in all of your smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors !!!

Firefighter 1 training continues with Hazmat
Wednesday, October 28, 2015 
And the training continues !! Nichols FD members that are currently in the firefighter 1 class are continuing their training towards state certification with hazardous materials training. Here you can see firefighters learning to properly use the class A and class B hazmat suits. When the class is completed these members will be state certified in both Firefighter 1 and Hazmat Operations

Car fire Route 8 southbound prior to exit 7
Sunday, October 25, 2015 
This evening at 22:30 hours the Nichols Fire Department ended a busy weekend with a car fire. Firefighters were toned out to RT. 8 south bound in the area of exits 8 to 7 for the call. The first arriving Nichols Fire unit was Asst. Chief Car 3 reporting the engine compartment was going. Engine 302 arrived as the first engine company with Rescue 300 arriving just behind them. Crews stretched an attack line off of Engine 302 and made quick work of extinguishing the flames. At this time the 3rd due engine (Engine 301 ) was returned and placed in service. Crews cleared from the highway and left the scene in the hands of the CT State Police.

Nichols goes with Task Force 7121 to cover New Milford
Sunday, October 18, 2015 
On Sunday night 10/18/15, the Nichols Fire Dept. was dispatched as part of the State of CT. Regional Task Force. Nichols FD. responded with engine 301 and a crew of 5 firefighters to aid the Town of New Milford CT. New Milford is over 30 miles from Nichols station 1 making this one of the departments furthest responses. Units in Litchfield county were battling multiple structure fires in separate towns spreading their fire departments thin. The task force was sent to support and protect the towns already fighting these fires. Nichols engine 301 spent over 2.5 hours in New Milford before being released to return to town. The fire departments that made up the task force were the following, Long Hill Fire Dept responded with Deputy Chief LH2, Tower Ladder 204, Monroe FD responded with engine company 102, White Hills Fire Dept. responded an Assistant chief car 5 along with quint 51, Huntington Fire Company responded with engine tanker 35. All of the responding companies did an excellent job and provided much needed backup

Brush pile fire keeps members busy
Tuesday, October 13, 2015 
At 8:33 am on Wednesday October 14th Trumbull dispatch alerted Nichols FD to the report of a brush fire in the rear of a residence on Saybrook Road. Engine 301 arrived on scene and reported a large column of smoke from the rear yard. Upon further inspection FD members found a large pile of brush on fire 40 x 30 feet and approximately 8 feet high. Engine 301 along with the assistance of Trumbull Center who was added to the alarm stretched 400 feet of hose to the rear woods and applied 750 gallons of water to put the fire out. FD members were on the scene for approximately 1 hour with another 30 minutes of clean up. During this incident additional alarms were handled in town by Long Hill and Trumbull Center.

October is fire prevention month, come see your firefighters at our open houses throughout town, dates below!
Thursday, October 1, 2015 
October is Fire Prevention Month. Here is the list of the town fire departments open houses! Hope you can join us for one or all! Trumbull Volunteer Fire Company, No. 1, Inc. Long Hill Volunteer Fire Co. #1 Inc

Our vehicles always at the ready!
Monday, September 28, 2015 
After our weekly equipment checks, one of our members took these beautiful photos of our fleet ready to serve our community!

Structure fire on East Lake Road
Saturday, September 26, 2015 
This afternoon at 4:24 PM Nichols, Trumbull Center and Long Hill Fire as RIT were dispatched to 18 Southgate Road for the reported structure fire. The actual incident turned out to be an address located on East Lake Road at the corner of Southgate. Trumbull PD was the first on scene and reported smoke showing from the residence. First arriving units Nichols Car 3 and 303 confirmed smoke showing and a working structure fire in a 1 story ranch. 303's crew made an interior fire attack assisted by second arriving unit, TC 103. Engine 301 established a water supply taking the hydrant and laying into quint 303. Interior crews reported smoke and fire in a back room in the Bravo Charlie corner. Units made a quick knock down with minor extension to the remainder of the residence. There were no reported occupants and a primary search of the premises confirmed it. Other units on scene TC102, LH204, LH209, N304, N302 and various Chiefs. The fire is under investigation by Trumbull Fire Marshals office. Trumbull EMS provided medical stand by.Nice job done by all of our first responders

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